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Membership Committee Meeting
Hass Aslami's Office
Aug 30, 2023 5:30 PM
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JJ Jain's Home
Sep 05, 2023 5:30 PM
Del Norte Rotary Club Satellite Meeting
Marty Padilla's home
Sep 06, 2023 6:00 PM
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Isleta Resort and Casino
Sep 08, 2023 6:00 PM
RI Foundation Committee Meeting
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Sep 11, 2023 4:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Hass Aslami's Office
Sep 11, 2023 5:30 PM
Del Norte Rotary Club Meeting
Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown
Sep 13, 2023 11:30 AM
Community Service Committee Meeting
Albuquerque Country Club
Sep 13, 2023 5:45 PM
Fundraising Committee Meeting
Kathie Williams' home
Sep 18, 2023 5:30 PM
Del Norte Rotary Club Board Meeting
Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown
Sep 19, 2023 5:30 PM
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Welcome New Rotary Members

Three New Members

Inducted into Our Club

   Maria Montoya Chavez welcomed our 3 newest members with a terrific Member induction Ceremony where they received their Pins and Badges.  Nancy Pressley-Naimark is the Director of Community Relations and Development Officer for New Mexico Philharmonic.  Maria Sanchez is the Owner/Producer of Ariel Productions, which is a documentary production company.  Maria also owns her own Counseling Company and has been a mental health specialist for the past 25 years.  John Holbrook is an Aerospace Engineer and works at the USAF ResearchLab where he does space forecasting and research.  Welcome New Rotarians!



Speaker Wows Rotarians with His Memorable Voice

   American tenor and Albuquerque native, Colin Miller, was a big hit at our August 9 Rotary meeting.  Although a voice hiccup kept him from showing his “opera chops” he was able to give us a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that left us breathless.  He brought live videos to show us his experiences and expertise.  

   Although, Colin, who attended Sandia Prep, is only 21 years old, his voice soars and the love for his craft and art of opera shines.  His experience has  already earned him many awards and accolades.  He shared with us that he started singing at the age of 4 or 5 and his parents knew right away that he was destined to be a star.  

   Colin was a part of the Santa Fe Opera’s Youth Program for young voices.  He is currently attending the New England Conservatory of Music to further his career.  In recent years he has been an award winning contestant in several national competitions.  He also writes and produces his own music.  

   His life goal is to continue with Opera or enter the musical theatre arena.  So you’ll probably hear him performing at either the Met or on a Broadway Stage in the near future.  Or you might hear him singing the national anthem at an upcoming Isotopes game.   


Get Ready

 For The 5K Heart Run!

   On Saturday, September 16 the Community Service Committee invites you to attend the Inaugural New Mexico Heart Run.  It will start at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s Avenyu Plaza at 7:45am.  The route starts here will continue on the historic Griego’s ditches and through the heart of Albuquerque.  It will finish at the Avenyu Center, which is a vibrant new neighborhood now hosting dozens of hotels, retail stores and restaurants.  The location is 2401 12th Street NW.  

  We urge you to create a team to walk or run or sign up to volunteer at the Walk.  All proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association.  For more details contact Community Service Chair, Louise Romero or Sherri Wells at the Heart Association.  


Del Norte Rotary To Join 

New Mexico United

for an Evening Event 

   Club Service/Fundraising Committee Chair, Sherri Wells, was joined at club by New Mexico United’s Charles Rumbaugh to announce our upcoming event for Indigenous People’s Night.

   On September 30 we are invited to attend and for every ticket that we purchase $5 will be returned to Del Norte Rotary.  For more details or to get a flyer contact Sherri.


Around the Club

   Many thanks to everyone that participated in the recent Blood Drive.  Fred Bryant reported that 20 people donated blood and he was rewarded his “angel wings” by President Marty for his hard work.  

   Welcome back to fellow Rotarian, John Perner, who’s been gone for awhile.  It was great to see him and his wife Cindy.  

   Please let Monica Meyers know if you’re interested in purchasing a Rotary shirt for $20— she’s doing a new order.  

   Congrats to Rotarians celebrating Wedding anniversaries: Rotarians Dave and Maureen Anderson for 52 years of marriage, Chet and Diana Stewart for 58 years together. and to Maria Montoya Chavez and  Leland for 25 years together.

   Congrats to Sherri Wells for “out-dressing” Sgt. At Arms Mike Skolnick and receiving a free lucky buck ticket!  

   Best wishes to Ina Miller who’s been under the weather…we hope you feel better soon.  

   Many thanks to Mike Skolnick for his generous donation of $70 in honor of his recent 70th Birthday.

   Don’t forget there’s a trivia questions every meeting day now and this time the winner was Tom Macek.



August 2 Satellite Meeting
   Ian Maher, Outreach Coordinator at Paws and Stripes, joined the Satellite group on August 2 to provide an overall description of what Paws and Stripes does and what it means to New Mexico. Paw and Stripes is a New Mexico non-profit organization that connects veterans and dogs. Their mission is to provide animal-assisted therapy and other mental health services to military veterans and their loved ones living with service-connected trauma.
   Paws and Stripes helps New Mexico veterans reintegrate into civilian roles and develop meaningful missions and goals within their lives as veterans. Focusing on catered mental health support, therapeutic services, and service dog training, Veterans enrolled in their programs are given the opportunity to learn life skills to create increased self-awareness in their environments and provide the insight necessary to deal with everyday civilian anxieties such as finances, career challenges, caring for children and maintaining a healthy marriage. 
   Ian walked Satellite members through the Paws and Stripes process and identified opportunities for our members to volunteer and assist in the success of this much needed veteran based program. Their major fund raising event is Paws Portraits. More information on this event will be coming out in September. Please visit their website at:

2023 APS Backpack/School Supplies 
   Special thanks and a shout out goes to the Rio Grande Rotary, IBEW and Rotary Club of Albuquerque Del Norte in obtaining and filling 1,500 backpacks with $5,000+ of school supplies. Backpacks were packed with school supplies for elementary students, and for middle and high school students to meet the specific needs of each. These backpacks were distributed to Locker 505 and other Albuquerque organizations who connect students with backpacks and school supplies. Socks, underwear, and shoes were donated by members of the Rotary Club of Albuquerque Del Norte and delivered to Locker 505 in time for students to prepare for their first day of school. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this much needed and appreciated effort. Way to Go Del Norte Community Service Committee!! And a special shout out to Erin Chisholm who purchased ALL 1,500 backpacks!!! Way to go Erin!!!


District Governor  Emphasizes the Importance of Connections

   At our recent meeting DG Richard Haas urged us to follow the RI Presidential theme for this yer and “Create Hope In The World”.  It’s a timely theme for Rotarians, he explained…and we should continue to also ask how we can create hope in our community and in our club.  

   Richard, who belongs to the Rotary Club of Las Cruces Rio Grande is an Architect and has lived the last 28 years in Las Cruces.  Before the meeting he met with our Board and shared that he felt our club was “hitting all the marks” for success and in his mind is a FIVE STAR CLUB!  

  He asked us to reach out and connect with clubs not as strong as ours and collaborate with other clubs in service projects.....  and to never stop talking about Rotary because you never know where you will meet someone who is interested in becoming a member.




Police Officer of the Month Honored

  Officer Miguel Rael was honored at our recent club meeting as the Officer of the Month.  Officer Rael has been with the police department since 1988 and his primary focus is training and special response.  He is also with the mounted police and supervises with the Homeland security unit.  He oversees all mass casualty areas.   He was given  Pizza 9 certificates courtesy of Rotarian Hass Aslami and a received a box of symbolic goodies from President Marty.  


2024-25 Nominating Committee Selected

   Club Members Jacqui Bernstein, Marilyn Strube and Chet Stewart will serve on the Nominating Committee this year according to President Elect Sandy Rausch.   The following Director Positions need to be filled for the coming year:  Club Service/Fellowship, Community Service, Vocational Service, Programs, and Public Image.  


Thank you, Harris, for publishing the newsletter the last two is appreciated.

President's Corner: Reminding Ourselves of the Good Within

Dear fellow Rotarians,

   As we step into the vibrant month of September, I am filled with gratitude and excitement for the journey that lies ahead. My theme for this month, "People need Rotary to remind them how good they can be," resonates deeply with the essence of our club and the spirit of service that binds us together.

   I am thrilled to announce that our Rotary Club of Albuquerque Del Norte is off to a remarkable start, with five new members joining our ranks. Each addition represents a new thread in the colorful tapestry of our club, weaving diverse talents, passions, and experiences into a powerful force for positive change.

   Our club's unwavering commitment to community engagement is a true testament to the impact we can create when we come together. I understand that having numerous activities can be overwhelming, and I want to reassure you that you need not attend every event. Your presence, support, and dedication, in whatever capacity you can contribute, are what truly matter.

   Through our various initiatives, from supporting local schools to aiding those in need, we are not only transforming lives but also reminding ourselves of the immense good that resides within each of us. Every handshake, every smile shared, and every challenge overcome exemplify the potential for kindness and positive change that Rotary awakens within us.

   Let's embrace September as a month of renewal, a chance to reflect on the beautiful impact we've had and the boundless potential that lies ahead. Together, we will continue to inspire, uplift, and remind ourselves and others of the incredible good that we are capable of.

Yours in service,

Marty Padilla

President, Rotary Club of Albuquerque Del Norte



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Around the Club

   Maureen Anderson shared that her 6 yr old grandsons collected & sold golf balls to make money for the people in Maui.  They made $115 to send this cause.

   Sheryl shared a big thanks to Monica Meyers and Noel Valencia for helping her to get settled in Albuquerque.  

   Maria thanked Mary Tieman & Kathie Williams for hosting the Emerald Dinner that was auctioned off at the past Foundation 80s party.  It was a terrific dinner for the 10 Rotarians that shared it.

   Do we ever think Norm will remember to wear his pin?

  New members are warned to tell the Sgt. Of Arms if they want to make an announcement.  (So new member Nancy didn’t get fined this time!)

  Congrats to the Club members that made 288 Peanut Butter Sandwiches for the Annual Law Enforcement Bike Ride.  (It was Skippy according to Louise)

   Hass Aslami gets the biggest Brag for bringing 6 Guests to the meeting—guests ranged  from the head of the Rio Rancho Chamber of Commerce to General Mills leaders to a former Rotarian from Greece.  

   Many thanks to the club members that participated along with the Rio Grande Club in packing 1500 back packs with school supplies for several needy organizations in Albuquerque.  Supplies went to Locker 505, Sage Brush and a local Homeless Shelter.

   Just a reminder that Sherri Wells still needs volunteers for her September 16 Heart Walk.  

   September 30 is the NM United game for the Fellowship Committee— to sign up use the QR code sent to you by the Executive Secretary.  

  We have 2 upcoming Open Houses:  September 13 at Silk Road Connection at 5:30 and September 18 at the home of Alex Lavidge, where you can learn about the latest trends in the solar Industry and ask questions of experts. 

  October 25 is our next Evening Rotary Meeting at the Sheraton.  The event will highlight Polio Plus month with a special speaker.  

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