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Mar 15, 2023 6:00 PM
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Mar 21, 2023 5:30 PM
Del Norte Rotary Club Meeting
Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown
Mar 22, 2023
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Public Image Committee Meeting
Sandy Rausch's home
Apr 04, 2023 5:30 PM
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15,000 NEW JOBS



  Ben Lewinger, Executive Director of the New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce spoke to the Del Norte Rotary Club recently  about new cannabis legislation that is setting the cannabis industry in motion, and promises to create a substantial income stream for the state of New Mexico, and at the same time, develop thousands of new business opportunities.  Mr. Lewinger spoke about the cannabis industry’s impact at both the state and local level, and confidently proclaimed that all news on the cannabis front is good news at this time.  Mr. Lewinger said the Chamber is dedicated to the responsible use and growth of the cannabis industry in our state.

  New Mexico has a long history with cannabis and was actually the model for other states.  In the 1970’s we were the first state to have a medical cannabis program.  The Cancer Center at UNM was a big part of researching cannabis and its potential for medicinal use.  UNM  treated over 600 cancer patients in its initial program.  

  There are currently over 1800 cannabis business license holders in the state.   This industry is expected to generate $150 million in tax revenue this year.   Mr. Lewinger pointed out that as many as 1/2 of these business dispensaries will probably disappear as competition grows. It’s important that legislation addresses the many inequities for cannabis business owners and employees.  Currently income from cannabis dispensaries can’t even be counted toward the purchase of a home.

  Over 50% of the people in New Mexico support cannabis usage.  New legislation is poised to create more opportunities for growth.  The Safe Banking Act, which is Federal Legislation, will probably be the most impactful legislation for the cannabis industry, as it will permit banks to offer many financial services to cannabis dispensaries that are currently prohibited.  Currently only a few financial institutions offer “green checking accounts” or credit card services to cannabis businesses.  

  New Mexico House Bill 2, which passed in 2021, allowed adults to use cannabis without a medical prescription.   Future legislation is expected to expunge or erase criminal cannabis charges from a person’s past records.    Current state laws allow a person to grow 6 cannabis plants on their premises.  

  The Cannabis industry is seeing growth in our state. Cannabis plants use far less water than pecan trees or green chiles so the number of cannabis plants is sure to grow fast as usage increases.   This is only the beginning.  What’s next on the horizon?  Mr. Lewinger says Magic Mushrooms are surely on the horizon, along with a revival of many other plant based medicines. 



  Fred Bryant was honored as Del Norte Rotarian of the Quarter for his many contributions around the club.  Fred is active on almost every committee and on our Rotary District 5520 Committees.  It is hard to find an activity that Fred isn’t a part of.  He also coordinates our Blood Drives with Vitalant.  



  Mike Skolnick announced that our Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser will return on May 20, 2023.  Fees will be $600 per team or $175 per person.  If you are interested in playing or putting together a team please see Mike.  

  Proceeds from the event will go to the Veteran’s Integration Center (VIC) and the Del Norte Rotary Foundation.  

  Marty Padilla from Waterstone Mortgage, and Dr. Billie Adams from Peak Family Dentistry will again be the shirt sponsors for the event.  Hole Sponsorships are $250 each.  Mike is looking for more sponsors so please contact him to reserve your spot.  



  Ruth Ronan invited everyone to visit the Las Aranas Spinners & Weavers Guild Annual Spider’s Market and Fiber Arts Sale being held March 3rd and 4th from 9-5 at the Albuquerque Garden Center.  In addition to Ruth’s fabulous weaving creations there will be rugs, place mats, shawls, jewelry, baby items, tapestries, hats, gloves, purses and throws from a variety of artists.   Everything is handspun, handwoven and hand dyed.  For the best wearables and household one of a kind items visit the best Fiber Arts Sale in town.  


  Happy 50th Birthday to President Elect, Maria Montoya Chavez.

  Welcome to Caroll Follingstad, Richard’s wife, who joined us for lunch.  

  Congrats to Mark Ormerods' daughter who got all “A”s    on her report call card, including a 114% on her algebra score!

  Maureen put out a call again for RYLA campers that Del Norte can sponsor for the summer event.  If you know of any High School Jr. that might be a good candidate please contact Maureen, who is the RYLA chair for our club.  April 1 is the deadline for applications.

  Welcome to Ann McKinney, who not only attended our Pop Up Event at 12th Street, but also attended the Club Meeting as a guest of Sherri Wells.  Ann is a retired marketing professional, and spends much of her time as a volunteer for many organizations in Albuquerque.

  Norm Liss brought his friend, Lea Conner, again and shared that she may be interested in becoming a new member.  

  Maureen Anderson and Tom Macek shared that  they will be part of their organizations “Singing Valentine” fundraising activities on Valentines Day.  At $60 each this is probably a real bargain.  


Rotarians at Work

  Del Norte Rotary was at the Roadrunner Foodbank to help package black beans on February 17.  There were 8 people there totaling 22 hours of volunteerism. It always feels good when we can do something to combat this significant problem in our state.

Satellite Club Meeting

  The Satellite Club recently hosted Mr. Robert Teel as their speaker for the evening   His topic was the APD Museum.  Yes there is such a thing.  He touched on some of the items of memorabilia stored in the museum and plans for expanding it.  

  The Chief Paul A. Shaver Police Museum was founded in 2008 and is open to the public by appointment only. The museum traces the history of the police department from the late 1800s to the present.

  To arrange a museum tour please email

  Please schedule a tour at least one day prior to your planned visit.

Paul Harris Fellow
  Marty Padilla presented Adam Moffett with a Paul Harris award at the last Satellite Meeting.   Congratulations Adam!


  On Friday, February 24, our Del Norte Rotary Club celebrated our 35th Founders Day with a Dinner & Dance. It was  a fun evening sharing memories and honoring those who were some of the original founders of our club.

  Joining us for the celebration were the six Charter Members, who are still active members in our club and their guests: Rob Butler, Norm Liss, Sam Carnes, Richard Follingstad, Charles Ewing, and Mary Strohacker. At our Charter meeting in 1988 88 members were inducted into Del Norte Rotary Club.

  Our members came ready to celebrate in traditional 80s attire and there were some great examples of those 80’s fashions. Prizes were given for the ”best costume” representing the 80s and the winner of that was our PDG Bob Rausch and his lovely wife, Sandy. They came as Don Johnson from Miami Vice and his girlfriend! Winner of the “most outrageous” costume was our own VP, Marty Padilla, who came dressed in typical 80s exercise style with the “shortest short shorts” you have ever seen!

  There were many “rockers” in attendance. Christy Cattaneo and husband Matt were outstanding examples of some of those famous musicians. Ron Epps and wife came as characters from The Princess Bride. Several members sported Tom Selleck’s traditional Magnum PI’s Hawaiian shirts. Laughter and fun were had by all as they danced the night away to the 80s music of fellow Rotarian Fritz Eberle and his Changing Time Band.

  Money raised from the Event was contributed to our Del Norte Rotary Foundation. It will be used for our annual grants program This program funds local non-profit organizations.




  The Del Norte Club Membership Committee is asking for your help in expanding our membership this year by targeting some of the Rotary classifications of membership that are NOT currently represented in our club. Although Rotary has hundreds of classifications and does not strictly regulate classifications like they have in the past, we still use these different classifications to make sure that our club represents the community we serve and promotes diversity of professions.

  Some of the classification or professions that we could expand in our club or that are not currently being represented include: Accountants, CPA’s, Architects, Auto Sales, Computer Services, Contractors, Engineers, Florists, Graphic Designers, Hotel Managers, Lawyers, Tire Services, Doctors, Chiropractors, and Hospital Administrators. If you know of anyone within these classifications that would enjoy the Rotary experience please let the Membership Committee know.

  Invite one of these individuals to lunch as our guest or let the Membership Committee know who you recommend and provide their contact information. We would love to help you to get prospective members involved.

  Contact Del Norte Membership Chair, Kathie Williams, at and help the Membership committee grow “the greatest Rotary Club in the world”.

Woman of Influence
Noel Valencia was recently named and honored as a 2023 Woman of Influence  by Albuquerque Business First.  Our Congratulations to Noel.

The 2023 Women of Influence come from different parts of the state, different sectors and different backgrounds.  They all have a shared desire to go above and beyond in both their careers and communities.


Rotarians at Work and Play

President Mary Tieman

  I am constantly in awe of the power of strong connections. This is really what being a part of the “Best Rotary Club in the World” is all about!   We unite in friendship to realize truthful, fair, good-willed, and beneficial outcomes in our community and the world. For many Rotary members like me, our lives are forever transformed by this powerful network.  Rotary means so much more to me than a bi-weekly meeting, or a social event, I consider each one of you family.

  Rotary has become a guiding force in my life, and I find myself frequently reciting the Four-Way Test. It is so amazing how the power of four questions and twenty-four words can help resolve any conflict without violence and fulfill our Rotary peace mission.  The Four-Way Test is Rotary’s unique approach and process to address conflicts, solve problems and make decisions to achieve desired outcomes. It can also help us be more successful in reaching mutually beneficial, sustainable and scalable solutions.  The Four-Way Test considers everyone’s’ point-of-view and concerns, as well as their needs and wants. The process is designed to build goodwill and earn trust, so a particular end result is mutually beneficial, sustainable and has scalable outcomes.  For me the Four-Way Test offers a bright and clear answer in any situation.

  Our Del Norte Membership Committee has done an outstanding job of planning and creating opportunities to invite new members to our club.  I know that growing our club is important to all of you, so  I encourage you to bring a guest to a meeting, community project or a social event soon.

  In service to you and Rotary

     Mary Tieman, President


Louise Romero Agency

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  Have you ever wondered how you could explore your Rotary International connections in a more creative way? When you have time check out some of the Rotary Fellowships that are available to Rotarians around the world.

  Rotary Fellowships are international groups whose members share a common interest. Being a part of a fellowship is a way of making friends from around the world and exploring a hobby or profession, while enhancing your Rotary experience.

  Each fellowship functions independently of RI, establishing its own rules, dues requirements and structures. Membership is open to Rotarians and their family members. Many Rotarians belong to more than one fellowship.

  There are fellowships for people who love beer and people who love wine and cooking. There are cycling, golf and flying fellowships. There are fellowships for lawyers, doctor and chess players. There is a quilters fellowship, a bird watchers fellowship and even a fellowship for magicians. Some of the more popular fellowships through the years have been for RV Travelers and people who love Travel and Hosting.

  New fellowships are frequently added. To see the most recent list and find out how you can start to enhance your Rotary experience in this way visit

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