Monday, July 6, 2020
Sandy Rausch with Bob Rausch
Sandy sworn in as 2020-2021 Club President
In a “virtual” kind of ceremony, Sandra “Sandy” Rausch was sworn in on June 30 as the Del Norte Rotary Club’s new Club President by Past District Governor Randy Gleason, which was “broadcast” on Zoom and attended by some 50 Del Norte Rotarians whose smiling faces could be seen online. Randy noted that despite as whole new world of health crisis in which Rotary now has to operate, “Sandy is so excited to become the president of our club. I have a very positive feeling she will do an excellent job despite the challenges she will face this coming fiscal year.” As she takes the reigns of Del Norte Rotary, her husband, Bob Rausch, becomes District Governor-Elect for Rotary District 5520 which includes New Mexico and far West Texas, serving as DG for the 2021-2022 year.
Sandy, in response, noted: “I am humbly following the footsteps of so many outstanding leaders of this club, including my beloved Bob, who introduced me to Rotary and for which I am proud to say I joined in 2016. Today, Rotary faces a new normal, and for the time being we will continue to meet via Zoom on a bi-weekly basis. But our mission – to serve those in need – will continue to be our way of life.”

Marty Padilla ends year as president on a positive note

On the last day of his year as Del Norte Rotary Club President, Marty Padilla was always proud to proclaim at the end of each meeting, “I hope this hour has been the best hour of your week.” He hoped last week’s virtual meeting, held via a Zoom teleconference broadcast, “was the best meeting of this incredible year!”
Marty thanked each and every one of his board, “handed” out awards such as two Rotarians of the Year, Steve Becker and Mary Tieman, and those who helped organize some of the club’s outstanding events pre-Coronavirus Pandemic Era, including the Sweetheart Dinner that raised $10,000, the Fish Fry attended by more than 100 Rotarians and families, along with successful blood drives, the Mesa School Backpack food program and Saranam family Thanksgiving dinner baskets, and some $9,500 in global grants involving projects in Mexico. He noted that our club grew to 110 members, up from 100 when the year started, including 29 members of our Satellite team, “more than many Rotary Clubs in New Mexico have.”
Rotarians of the Year and Quarters
Steve Becker and Mary Tieman, Rotarians of the 2019-2020 Year
 President Marty Padilla announced two members of the Del Norte Rotary Club were chosen by him to be Rotarians of the Year for 2019-2020, Steve Becker and Mary Tieman. “Steve, I am so proud of your leadership, taking over as master of ceremonies for the two biggest joint meetings of the host club and Satellite entity,” he said. “I loved the way you helped me think out how we should do this or that, often asking me ‘what do you think you should do.’” Marty smiled as he thanked Steve for his wise counsel. And to Mary, “you are always smiling, and you served on just about every committee. You have been a jumble of joy, and I know you will be a club president one day.”
Marty also announced two Rotarian of the 3rd and 4th Quarters: Jackie Bernstein, for her role in collecting food and dollars for the Navajo Nation, and Stephanie Griego, a member of the Satellite group, for her role in providing food for the homeless and her work with the Rape Crisis Center.

Welcome 2020-2021 Officers, Directors

Sworn in last week as the new officers and directors for the Del Norte Rotary Club for the 2020-2021 fiscal year were:
President: Sandra Rausch
President-Elect: Clarence Hughes
Immediate Past President: Marty Padilla
Board Secretary: Maria Montoya Chavez
Treasurer: Pat Stafford (re-elected)
Director-Club Services: Sandy Seligman
Director-Community Services: Monica Padilla (re-elected)
Director-Foundation & International Service: Corey Nelson
Director-Membership: Mary Tieman
Director-New Generations: Mikayla Padilla (re-elected)
Director-Programs: Fred Bryant
Director-Public Image: Vanessa Sandoval
Director-Vocational Service: Nick Ritz
Sergeant-at-Arms: Mike Skolnick
Satellite Chair: Adam Moffett
Donette Wagner appointed Executive Secretary
Long-time Del Norte Rotarian Donette Wagner has been appointed the club’s new Executive Secretary, effective August 1, succeeding Ray Nelson, who has accepted a job with Sandia Prep High School. Donette is currently serving as Executive Secretary for Rotary District 5520, and is a former president of the Del Norte Rotary Club.
Birthdays and Anniversaries for July 2020
Happy Birthdays
July 2 Corey Nelson
July 3 Don Wagner
July 9 Dax Kastrin
July 21 Berdel Boulanger
July 21 Kim Helm
July 22 Fred Bryant
July 23 Erika Hughes
July 28 Tom Downey              
Wedding Anniversaries

                        July 1 Corey and Ray Nelson 19 years
July 3 Nick and Jill Ritz 11 years
July 8 Richard and Caroll Follingstad 53 years
July 12 Bob and Sandy Rausch 40 years
July 13 Barbara and Brooks LaGree 46 years
July 15 Sandy and Bruce Seligman 48 years
July 17 Mary and Allen Tieman 16 years
July 27 Billie and Matthew Adams 10 years
July 31 Rob and Chris Butler 49 years
                       Rotary/Club Anniversaries

                              July 1, 1996 Greg Chalmers 24 years
July 1 2000 Caroline Chamblin 20 years
July 11 2012 Hass Aslami and Scott Stafford, 8 years
July 12 2005 Barbara LaGree 15 years
July 13 2016 Sarah Jones 4 years
July 14 2010 Sandy Seligman 10 years
July 15 2015 Alice Mehlberg 5 years
July 18 2018 Mikayla Padilla 2 years
July 19 1995 Dave Anderson 25 years
July 22 2016 (Satellite Inauguration) 4 years:
Christy Cattaneo, Eladio Muniz, Monica Padilla, and Pat Stafford