"Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots"
Jan 23, 2019 12:00 PM
Victor Delgado, Dale Carnegie of New Mexico
"Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots"

Victor Delgado was born and raised in New Mexico, in the small farming community of Hagerman, along the Pecos River and just north of the Resume Speed sign on Highway 2 in Chaves County. Which may be one reason he attended schools in Portales.

    Victor loved sports, and he loved to talk, and he found that he could hob nob with big sports figures by joining up with Dale Carnegie, the motivational mogul of speaking and personal development. It was through Dale Carnegie when he lived in California that he met the titans of NFL—like coaches with the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers, and even Pete Carroll of USC and Seattle Seahawks fame.

    It was while he was in North Stockton, Calif., near Modesto, he began his own Dale Carnegie firm, Delgado & Associates, and joined the Rotary Club there. He decided it was about time he returned closer to his old roots and get in more golf playing time, so he moved to Albuquerque. On the fairway links he ran into Bernie Butterfield, who talked him into keeping his Rotary life going, joining up with Del Norte Rotary. He is now the club’s Director of Vocational Services. He is married to Cindi Benson, a partner with Victor and also a disciple of Dale Carnegie.