Welcome to the Rotary Club of Albuquerque Del Note
As you browse through through the committee pages, I hope that you gain a sense of the true spirit of Rotary from our outstanding members to our commitment to "Service Above Self"
We strive to make meaningful differences not only in our local communities but in our global communities as well.
From Albuquerque to Juarez and Guatemala, you will see our Rotarians in action, serving, and in fellowship in a way that only we can. 
You will see the many different opportunities that exist for you to be an active member of our Rotary Club. By joining a committee you gain greater insight into the workings of our club and get hands-on experience that will further both your professional and personal growth. Please reach out the Committee Chair of your choice for more information or to join a committee.
In Service,
Scott Stafford, President 2017- 2018